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Assault on a Female

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Assault on a Female

Have you been charged with assaulting a female?

If you have been accused of assault on a female, you must speak with a Raleigh criminal defense attorney immediately to learn what you can do to protect yourself against a conviction. Any statements that you make to law enforcement officers, prosecutors, or the alleged victim may provide evidence against you, which can prejudice the case and make it difficult to resolve the charges. The courts in Raleigh take any form of assault seriously, but when you stand before the judge on charges of assault on a female, your case requires skilled representation. Charges for assault on a female can easily have a major negative impact on every aspect of your life, and it is important to take swift legal action.

Assault on a female is an A1 misdemeanor, the highest form of misdemeanor in North Carolina. After undergoing an automatic 48 hour holding period in jail, you may be kept in jail for up to 150 days if you are found guilty. Following your release, you may have difficulty in the years to come when you try to find work, due to the fact that employers are often reluctant to hire anyone with assault on their criminal record. Even if the alleged victim has decided not to press charges, the state began its prosecution of the case the moment of your arrest; if you don't work now to prevent a conviction, you may lose your chance to walk away with a clean criminal record.

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At Hopper Law Firm, PLLC, we are prepared to help you as soon as you call. We have represented many clients on all types of assault charges, including assault on a female. You are probably anxious about finding yourself in this situation, but we want you to know there are many ways to defend against your charges. As soon as we have discussed the case with you, we can inform you of your rights and begin working to establish the grounds for your defense strategy.

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